Commenting and privacy policy

This is mine. It is not yours. I will post what I wish, as I wish, and if you don’t like it you can go get bent.

For the most part, swearing and blasphemy are just fine, though comments left here will exist at my sufferance, and I will delete comments I find to be beyond the bounds of good taste, with the understanding that my opinion alone determines those boundaries.

In fact, use this general rule – if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face without expecting to be punched in the face, maybe you shouldn’t say it. Though if you don’t care if they hit you, then feel free. Who am I to stop you?

However, that does not mean that just because a comment is left here that I endorse it. Maybe I would like for it to remain as a record of your asshattery. Maybe I just haven’t seen it, and would delete it if made aware of it. I do sleep, after all. Suffice to say, anyone trying to make it seem like I hold a particular view simply because of a comment here is a dishonest hack, and should be ashamed of themselves.

As for privacy, you have none. At all. If you send me a horrible e-mail, I retain complete discretion as to what I do with that. Maybe I’ll post it while hiding your e-mail address and name. Maybe I’ll post the entire thing, complete with e-mail address, name, and IP address. Maybe I’ll do that, and take a few moments to dig on Google and post what I can find about you from publicly available sources.

Who knows what I might do. What I can reliably predict is that my actions will vary in direct relation to how big of a twatwaffle you are in your missive to me.

However, if you write me something civil, and ask that I not reveal your identity, I can reliably be counted upon to not share your info.

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