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You know what?

I give up.

I hate every single one of the choices we have this time around. The Republican party was given the gift of the worst president in history – an abysmal failure in both domestic and foreign policy, and a civil rights nightmare – and this is what they give us? These fuckwits?

I hate Newt less than Romney, and that’s only because the idea of a guy who actively ran away from Reagan being the guy we decide to put in the seat Reagan once sat in disgusts me.

The party, in general, is allowing Tea Party members of Congress to be re-redistricted out of office in order to save themselves.

If we lose Congress, it will be because of these efforts.

And we have to hold the House. If we can’t gain the Senate (and with the Republican establishment, I don’t think we will), we must hold the House, and with a notable number of Tea Party folks. If we don’t hold the House with these people – the Wests and Walshes – then it won’t matter how large a majority we have in the House, because pussies like Boehner will keep giving the Dems what they want without a real fight, which is the same fucking thing as having the Dems run things.

I think Romney will end up the nominee, and I think he’ll lose. Not only has he disgusted a lot of voters by how he and his people have acted (seriously, how is it the shitcock who thought sending that cake to Newt hasn’t been savagely beaten?), but his only real advantage – money – will not exist in the general election.

Because Obama is going to end up spending a billion dollars, and Mittens won’t be able to compete with that.

So we’re fucked. Proper fucked.

Give up on the White House. It’s a lost cause, because the Republican Party is run by drooling fucktards who gave us Obama in the first place by running that incompetent shitstain of an Arizona Senator.

Focus on Congressional elections, kids. Spend your money and time there, because without actual Libertarians or Conservatives in those seats, the game is over.

And really, even that is meaningless, because if you think the government is going to do anything about the actual problem – spending, and specifically entitlements – you haven’t been paying attention. Unless the Libertarian Party ends up in the majority, nothing will be done, spending will continue to increase, and we’ll just continue on this roller coaster ride to the hell that is complete and utter collapse.